Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bladestorm The Hundred Years' War

Gemcheats Unlock the two-handed sword: Finish the game as France to get Durandal.(Edge: 99, Point: 99, Blunt: 99, Magic: 99, everything else 0). Unlock single handed sword: Finish the game as England to unlock the Excalibur.(Edge: 99, Point:99, everything else 0). Shop discount: Find and pick up all 12 Gems to buy anything in the shop ondiscount price.Bonus Super weapons: Reach 100% Growth on Swords, Spears, and Bows.Note: To complete Spears you must defeat units from all the Books. Finish the entire game to unlock weapons from the DynastyWarriors and Samurai Warriors. You can purchase the following weaponsat the store once completed the game:Zhao Yun's spearYukimura Sanada's spearXing Cai's pike Xiahou Yuan's club Nobunaga's sword Magoichi Saika's gun Guan Yu's halberd Download to complete cheats.


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