Thursday, August 2, 2012

Alone in the Dark Inferno

Gemcheats Infinite Ammo Cheat Enter the following code (combination of Action-Buttons andD-Pad) in the game, when in 3rd person view and without anything inthe hands. Entering the same code again, will disable the InfiniteAmmo Cheat.[Triangle][Circle][X][Square][Up][RIght][Down][Left][Triangle][Square][X][Circle][Up][Left][Down][Right]:Infinite Ammo EnabledTrophies Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies. There are43 Bronze Trophies, 3 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 PlatinumTrophy.100% Complete (Platinum): Unlock the platinum trophy by unlocking all other trophies.A Day in Central Park (Gold): Complete the game.Basic Combination (Bronze): Tape up a bottle.BLACKOUT (Bronze): Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.Blazing Roots (Gold): Burn all roots of evil.Bloody Mary (Bronze): Bandage 5 deep bleeding wounds.Burning Root (Bronze): Burn a root of evil.Car Thievery (Bronze): Unlock a car door after breaking the window.Cockpit Addict (Silver): Driveall the way down 59th street in Cockpit view.Cocoon (Bronze): Burna cocoon.Countdown to Death (Bronze): Stop your wound from bleeding.Demolition Expert (Bronze): Build the most destructive weapon.Eradication (Gold): Kill 100 Humanz.FIGHT BACK AND LOSS (Bronze): Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.Fire Bullets (Bronze): Makea fire bullet by pouring flammable liquid on it.Fisherman's Foe (Bronze): Shoot a goldfish.Fissure (Bronze): Burn a fissure.Flaming Roots (Silver): Burn half of the roots of evil.Free Gasoline (Bronze): Pierce a car gas tank and fill a bottle with the fuel.Goal! (Bronze): Kick 10 Ratz.Handyman Carnby (Silver): Make all possible combinations in the inventory.Hidden Cave (Bronze): Discover the secret of Central Park.Meet Again (Bronze): Meet Theophile in room 943.Never Leave a Key Here (Bronze): Find a car key in the sun visor.NOT ALONE ANYMORE (Bronze): Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.Nuke (Bronze): Kill 3 Humanz at once.PAINFUL ANSWERS (Bronze): Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.Purification by Fire (Bronze): Destroy the Vampirz' nest.QUESTIONS (Bronze): Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.Revive (Bronze): ReviveSarah.Stuntman (Bronze): Jump across the gap using the tow truck.The 10 Mile Race (Bronze): Drive at least 10 miles with a vehicle.The Air Bomb (Bronze): Throw a bottle filled with flammable liquid and shoot it mid-air.The Biggest of All (Bronze): Beat the Museum Monster.The Blind Man (Bronze): Finish the 'Wake Up' sequence without blinking.The Glowstick Bomb (Bronze): Combine a taped bottle filled with flammable content or a spray with a glowstick.THE LIGHT BRINGER (Bronze): Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.The Molotov Cocktail (Bronze): Insert a wick into a bottle with flammable content.The Path of Darkness (Bronze): Kill Sarah.THE PATH OF LIGHT (Bronze): Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.The Path of Light (Bronze): Don't Kill Sarah.The Sharpshooter (Bronze): Finish off a Humanz by shooting fire bullets at it's fissure.The Smart Fighter (Bronze): Kill any Humanz with the 'spray + lighter' combination.The Sticky Bomb (Bronze): Take a bottle filled with flammable content or a spray and combine it with an adhesive THE TRUTH (Bronze): Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.Toasted Eggs (Bronze): Burn a Ratz nest.Unlimited Offer (Bronze): Call all contacts in your address book.Useless! (Bronze): Combine an empty taped bottle with a wick and an emergency flare.Vampirz (Bronze): Burnone of the Vampirz Download to complete.


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