Thursday, August 2, 2012

Armored Core For Answer

Gemcheats Secret AC Parts List AC parts involve completing a specific mission (regardless ofrank) or defeating a specific arena opponent.051ANNR (rifle): Mission- Defeat White Glint063ANEM (ECM maker): Mission- Defend Anti-Satellite Cannons067ANLR (laser rifle): Mission- Defend Anti-Satellite CannonsADDICT (emergency PA recharger): Mission- Attack Anti-Satellite CannonsAll unpurchased parts for free Finish story mode in both Collard and ORCA storylinesAll White Glint AC Frame Parts Mission- Defend Line ArkBIGSIOUX (large missile): Mission-Defeat the Main ORCA forcesDUSKAROR-HEAD-1 (stabiliser): Mission- Defeat Red Rumb & StarkaDUSKAROR-HEAD-2 (stabiliser): Mission- Defeat Red Rumb & StarkaEC-O307AB (laser cannon): Mission- Attack Arteria CarpalsEG-O703 (pulse gun) (HARD): Mission- Attack Arteria CarpalsER-O705 (laser rifle): Mission- Defeat AF AnswererEUPHORIA (PA moulder): Mission- Defeat Unknown NEXTFSS-53 (dummy rocket) (HARD): Mission- Defeat Silent AvalancheGAN01-SS-GC (gatling cannon): Mission- Defeat the Main ORCA forcesGAN02-NSS-WBS (spread bazooka): Mission- Defeat Wonderful BodyHD-LANCEL-OPT03 (stabiliser): S rank for all Normal missionsHD-LANCEL-OPT04 (stabiliser): S rank for all Hard missionsHLC09-ACRUX (hi laser cannon): Mission- Attack on Ateria CraniumHLR09-BECRUX (hi laser rifle): Mission- Attack on Ateria CraniumHLR71-VEGA (hi laser rifle): Mission- Defend Arteria CarpalsINSOLENCE (kojima cannon): Mission- Defeat Unknown NEXT + No CountKAMAL (slug gun): Mission- DefeatRed Rumb & StarkaKIKU (blade): Mission- Defeat Red Rumb & StarkaMP-O901 (PM missile): Mission- Defeat AF AnswererMR-R102 (assault rifle): Mission- Attack Arteria CarpalsOIGAMI (dual grenade cannon) (HARD): Mission- Defeat AF Great WallP-MARROW (assault amplifier) (HARD): Mission- Defend Arteria CarpalsRG01-PITONE (railgun) (HARD): Mission- Occupation of Arteria CarpalsSALINE05 (spread missile): Mission- Defeat White GlintSAMPAGUITA (shotgun): Mission- Defend Cradle 03SAPLA (grenade cannon) (HARD): Mission- Attack on PA-N51SAUBEES-HEAD (stabilisers): Mission- Defend Cradle 03XCG-B050 (chain gun): Mission- Defend Line ArkXMG-A030 (machine gun): Mission- Defend Line ArkZINC (vert kojima cannon) (HARD):Mission- Defeat Unknown NEXT + No Count Download to complete cheats.


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